2017 Tree Climbers Rendezvous

How do I get there?

Dan and Erin House    913-972-5022     treeclimbingkansascityllc at yahoo dot com

From points far and wide we are gathering together once again. Some will drive while some will fly. Please let us know if you are willing to carpool, ride-share, or the like. If your plans mesh with others who are driving or flying, we will try to provide options. Email Dan or Erin with your travel plans and needs. 


Driving your own car and willing to fetch some Treeples

Besides the climbing itself, one of the great joys at these Rendezvous’ is the time spent getting to know others. Just like when we’re atop the canopy, road trips can bring us together. Often there will be other Treeples along your route who would welcome you to join them. 

Driving directions to Cal-Wood

Up in the Rockies loss of cell signal is always a possibility, so print out the local area map to learn your way to Cal-Wood. (Most of Cal-wood’s property is signal dark.) Be sure to visit their site as September approaches, since there can always be road closures and detours due to weather, construction, etc. For example, this notice is currently posted on their site: “Note that there is currently a change in our usual driving directions due to a road closure between Olde Stage Road and James Canyon Drive. Make sure to check the detour directions below and plan your trip accordingly.”

Flying into Denver International Airport (DIA) and renting a car for ridesharing

There are acres of rental cars available at DIA that you could pop for or split the cost with others. 

Locating a fellow traveler at DIA can take some patience, but is really not that difficult. The airport itself, along with close-in parking, vehicle access, and baggage claim areas is divided into Terminal East and Terminal West. Each Terminal (essentially the two long, opposite sides of the main building) has drive up levels for close-in parking, passenger pick-up, passenger drop-off, and public transportation. The baggage claim level is 5. Walking straight out from Level 5 is where public transportation, hotel shuttles, taxis, and the like are found. Level 5 is also where you would access the RTD airport bus station.

Passengers are picked up by private vehicles on Level 4. So arriving passengers need to head down one level from Baggage Claim to access the pick-up level. Tell your ride which terminal, East or West, and which airline. (Even only knowing the airline should be enough, as each airline is either East or West.) They should be able to find you with just that info. There is no waiting of cars permitted outside, so if you are picking someone up, it’s best to wait in the Cellphone Waiting area (exit for which is on Pena Blvd on the approach into the airport about 5 minutes away) until you get a call or text that your passenger has picked up his/her bags and is headed down to Level 4.

Departures (Level 6) – Departing passengers, curbside baggage check-in and airline ticketing

Public Transportation: Taxi, Van, Shuttle Services (Level 5) – Drop-off and pick-up lanes for taxis, car-rental vans, shuttles, buses, limousines

Arrivals (Level 4) – Passenger pick-up

Here is an excellent website on DIA passenger info.

We suggest reviewing the rates for rental cars at which I have found to be lowest price. 

Fly to DIA and need to carpool

Be prepared to wait for the arrival of others whom you are carpooling with. Also, learn how to get to the main downtown Boulder Bus Station just in case connections go awry, using the RTD info found here (and the info below). Allow for extra time to gather baggage, eat, bathroom stop, trek through the airport, shuttle to rental car lot, paperwork, load up luggage, text your safe arrival, etc. 

DIA ground transportation to Downtown Boulder Bus Station via SkyRide

The direct RTD bus between DIA and Boulder is called the SkyRide Route AB and currently departs once per hour at 20 past the hour (with a few extra departures between 4pm and 7pm weekdays) and delivers you 63 minutes later to the Downtown Boulder Bus Station where a willing driver will come fetch you. Check the schedule as the ‘vous approaches, as routes, times, and fares may change. Fares are currently $9 one way, half that for seniors and other qualified discount recipients.

  • To get to Denver Airport RTD Station from Baggage Claim (level 5), follow signs to the Transit Center and proceed to the south exit on level 5 (look for the large American flag), exit the terminal through the sliding glass doors and take the escalator located in the center of the plaza down to level 1. You can then purchase your bus ticket and proceed to your bus. Arrive in plenty of time before departure, as buses sometimes fill quickly.
  • Additional excellent RTD info (including other RTD bus options other than the SkyRide for making your way to Boulder can be found here.

DIA ground transportation to Boulder HUB via GreenRide

This private Boulder company has a bus identified as GRB that departs once an hour from Level 5 between doors 507 and 509 at 25 past the hour and delivers you to their HUB in the south part of Boulder City Limits in the Meadows at the Parkway Shopping Center where a willing driver will come fetch you. They recommend making reservations and advertise a price of $28 per person. 

Ground transportation back to DIA

When the time comes to arrange a trip back to DIA, we will have a notice board on display where you can record your needs for all to see, and for connections to be made. Someone will hopefully be able to accommodate. Contact us if you have any questions. Thanks! See you in September!

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