"When you climb up into a tree, you feel an almost immediate feeling of peace, of connecting with something deep-seated and right. More than a commodity, more than a resource, more than a place, trees are home.  We belong in nature and in trees."    

                                                                                                              -- Harv Teitelbaum


JILL MACK, teacher, Littleton Public Schools:

"Harv...What great fun today.  Thank you so much for the demonstration.  I enjoyed the experience immensely.  I was amazed at how much the kids absorbed from your demonstration when we talked about it afterwards."

CLIMBERS, in letters of appreciation to park officials:

Arvada "I want to tell you about the wonderful time I had climbing 'Old Scratchy', and thank you for allowing this excellent adventure to take place.  I recently celebrated my 60th birthday, and had not climbed a tree in many years.  It  gave me a new perspective on trees, and the beauty we have in Colorado."

Ft. Collins - "I had the awesome opportunity to spend a few hours yesterday climbing our beautiful trees ('Lancelot') near city park with Harv.  The experience was unique and informative.  I was impressed at Harv's knowledge and professionalism along with his attention to safety. Thank you for allowing Harv to award us such a special day."

CLIMBING STUDENT, shortly after taking the Basic Tree Climbing Course:

"Harv...I've been climbing a few times and really love it... You taught me well."

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